pakistan tobacco company - Our history

From being the first multinational to set up its business in Pakistan in 1947 and beginning operations out of a warehouse near Karachi Port, we have come a long way.

From being just a single factory operation to a company which is now involved in every aspect of cigarette production, from crop to consumer, we have evolved and grown with Pakistan. However, what is significant about these 62 years is the effort that Pakistan Tobacco Company has demonstrated in the development of the country. By being instrumental in the campaign for modern agricultural and industrial practices, we have helped in the development and progress of the agricultural and industrial sector in the country.

We have been supporting and contributing to various causes of national interest. Educating growers in the latest techniques and technology in agriculture, afforestation and free health care in designated areas are but a few examples.

Throughout these 62 years, our continuous investment in people, brands, technology, innovation and the communities in which we operate has borne fruit in many ways. We are deemed as a partner of choice by many, our Environmental, Health and Safety standards are a source of inspiration for local companies, our industrial relations practices have led and influenced local practices, and as a result of all these, our managers are highly valued and sought after people in the Pakistani corporate world based on the training and exposure we give them from very early on in their careers.

Suffice it to say that the history of the Pakistan Tobacco Company is closely linked with the development and history of the areas in which we operate. Be it corporate practices, social investments, advancements in agricultural techniques, or establishing new ways of marketing and distribution, we have always been instrumental in establishing the benchmarks against which others are measured.

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