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Our consumers form the basis for all our brand offerings

We have always considered ourselves a consumer focused company. We aim to offer a product that excels in all aspects and exceeds the expectations of our consumers.

Pakistan Tobacco Company invests in trying to understand the consumers’ preferences and ensures that adult smokers make informed choices about different brands available in the market. We have put in particular effort in promoting two of our Global Drive Brands, Dunhill and Pall Mall; and two of our great value for money brands, John Player Gold Leaf and Gold Flake.


Dunhill, a premium global brand, celebrated its centenary in 2007.

2008 was an exceptional year for Dunhill in Pakistan as the brand witnessed exponential growth; fuelled by its re-launch in July. Going forward, Dunhill is poised to strengthen its foothold in the premium segment.

Benson & Hedges

In 1873, Richard Benson & William Hedges started a partnership in London.

Benson & Hedges was launched in Pakistan in March 2003 and has since been able to build strong brand loyalty among its consumers showing excellent year on year growth.

John Player Gold Leaf

The story of John Player Gold Leaf has to start from the story of its founder, John Player. An enterprising businessman, John Player started a small tobacco selling business in 1877 and turned it into a thriving cigarette company, John Player and Sons.

John Player Gold Leaf has become an institution in itself, becoming one of the most recognisable cigarette brands in the country. John Player Gold Leaf has recently been declared the largest Urban Brand in Pakistan, beating out products across the F.M.C.G. spectrum.

Capstan by Pall Mall

Capstan has a rich heritage, originating in Britain in the 19th century. The brand was created under the auspices of W.D. & H.O. WILLS at Bristol and London.

Gold Flake

Gold Flake, like many of our brands, also boasts its origins at W.D. & H.O. WILLS where it was a premium brand around the end of the 19th century. Launched in 1982, in 'soft cup' packaging, the brand took off when it was repositioned in the Value For Money (VFM) segment and later a 'hinge lid' variant was introduced in 2000.

Gold Flake has grown tremendously as a brand since 2004, making it the largest volume brand in Pakistan, and the second largest brand in British American Tobacco's Asia Pacific region. The key to Gold Flake’s success has been its novel engagement schemes which have fuelled growth over the years. Through consumer relevant initiatives, Gold Flake has established itself as a fresh and modern offering in the VFM segment and is all set to consolidate its position as the major volume driver for Pakistan Tobacco Company.


Embassy, is a leading volume brand in Pakistan, and is most popular in Punjab where it enjoys a leading position. Having built its heritage over a number of years, Embassy thrives on its brand loyalty and locally tailored taste characteristics.

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