pakistan tobacco company - From crop to consumer

From crop to consumer

We're involved in all aspects of cigarette production - from crop to consumer

Once tobacco is planted, it undergoes a myriad of processes as it moves through the supply chain which converts it into a consumable product worthy of pride.

From agrarian practices to scientific methods of curing, high end industrial production, and an evolved trade marketing and distribution network, the process of converting raw tobacco into a marketable product involves a complete understanding of the process and confidence in our people to deliver.

From a single factory operation to a completely vertically integrated company which is involved in every aspect of cigarette production i.e. from ‘crop to consumer’, we have evolved into one of the leading corporations in Pakistan. We revel in our instrumental role in the development of the country, and continue to support and contribute to the communities that we work with.

In this section, you will find the different roles we play throughout the extensive production process.

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