pakistan tobacco company - Trade marketing and distribution


Trade marketing and distribution ensures that the consumer gets the right product at the time and place of their choice, anywhere in the country

Our aim is to build on our excellent Trade Marketing & Distribution capability which bears all the hallmarks of a world class field force for effective retailer and consumer contact.

Trade marketing is a large part of our marketing activities, managing business-to-business relationships with the retailers and distributors from whom our consumers buy our products. We believe our ‘win-win-win’ approach sets us apart in the market place. We don’t just focus on achieving our own goals, but aim to create benefits for our trade customers as well as our consumers. We work to operate in the most efficient and effective way so that retailers can offer the products our consumers want to buy, where and when they want to buy them, and at the right quality.

Our trade marketing field force provides value added services in complimenting the distribution effort, in select stores of the retail universe to enable mutually beneficial partnerships. We make substantial investment in retail, through quality in-store and on-store furniture and fittings to stock and display our products for the convenience of our consumers.

Around 250 exclusive distributors, employing a contingent of over 1,200 distribution representatives, provide direct store delivery services for our finished products to the 500,000 plus retail stores throughout the country. In doing so, we aim to optimise our finished goods supply chain efficiencies in delivering products of consistent quality on-time, every time.

The strong performance of our brands suggests that we’re getting it right. Over recent years we’ve grown our brands, while remaining well within strict national laws regulating tobacco marketing, and voluntarily adopting our own International Marketing Standards.

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