pakistan tobacco company - Youth smoking prevention

Youth Smoking Prevention poster

PTC has been running Youth Smoking Prevention programs since 1998

We strongly believe children should not smoke, and smoking should only be for adults who understand the risks associated with it.

British American Tobacco Group companies support and run programmes worldwide tackling underage smoking. Due to concerns expressed on youth smoking, Pakistan Tobacco Company has taken initiatives on several fronts such as voluntary withdrawal from electronic media, prohibiting the use of celebrities in marketing material and embedding a robust marketing code; the International Marketing Standards (IMS).

We were the first company to pilot a retailer education programme in 1999 and continue to do so. Additionally, our packs and advertising materials have a voluntary inscription with the legend ‘under-age sale prohibited.’ We have supported the Government in raising the minimum age limit from 16 to 18 through changes in tobacco legislation.

Education programmes aim to give young people ‘life skills’ to deal with the many challenges they face during adolescence, including peer pressure to smoke. Such programmes are amongst the initiatives that British American Tobacco Group companies sponsor worldwide and support to help convince young people not to smoke. We are willing to work with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health to develop educational modules for incorporation in the national curricula, but we feel the programme content is best left to experts and its delivery to teachers or youth leaders.

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