pakistan tobacco company - Mid careers

Pakistan Tobacco Company offers a choice of opportunities in different functional areas. On this page we provide you with an overview of some of the areas that you may wish to consider.

If you are already working but looking for a change you may find that we offer a fresh solution for you.


At Pakistan Tobacco Company, the consumer is at the centre of our business. Marketing in the tobacco industry requires skills beyond the demands of other products. The ability to differentiate our marketing initiatives, to manage productive and profitable relationships with our key accounts, to integrate strategies above and below-the-line and to innovate while always marketing responsibly are the fundamentals of the marketing challenge.

The marketing arena within Pakistan Tobacco Company includes:

  • Consumer Insights
  • Building Brands
  • Managing Business Channels
  • Managing Availability and Distribution
  • Product Development


In a competitive business environment, a commercially astute finance function is critical in making good business decisions - for example, about which brands or markets to invest in, in evaluating and improving returns and of course, in managing the delivery of consistent profit growth to the shareholder.

Finance within Pakistan Tobacco Company includes:

  • Setting and delivering against financial objectives
  • Acting as a value adding business partner in operations
  • Acting as a value adding business partner in marketing

Human Resources

The Human Resources department bears primary responsibility for creating and sustaining a winning environment in Pakistan Tobacco Company. They do this by providing opportunities for talented employees to feel the satisfaction and fulfilment gained by being members of a responsible, winning team; where they are rewarded and recognized; where their efforts are encouraged; their careers are developed; where they understand the vision and strategy of the company; and they know where they fit into the bigger picture.

The HR arena within Pakistan Tobacco Company includes:

  • Managing performance
  • Managing organisational learning and development 
  • Resourcing
  • Managing careers and development
  • Managing employment relations

Corporate & Regulatory Affairs

Pakistan Tobacco Company is a responsible company within a controversial industry. The Corporate & Regulatory Affairs (CORA) Department’s remit is to demonstrate to stakeholders that the company is achieving its commercial objectives in a manner consistent with reasonable social expectations of a tobacco company in the 21st Century.

The CORA team along with communicators engages with Governments, the media, consumers, business partners, investors, employees, Non-Governmental Organisations, local communities and many other groups. Their philosophy is to build an effective network through open and truthful dialogue. Areas of expertise within CORA include:

  • Media Relations 
  • Strategy & Planning 
  • Political Affairs 
  • Internal Communications 
  • Cross functional business knowledge i.e. legal affairs, marketing & product knowledge 
  • Crisis & Issues Management


A company operating in an industry such as ours faces many legal and legislative issues. Our legal team is dedicated to assuring the long-term sustainibility of the business, as well as ensuring that our operations are fully compliant with existing local (and international) legislation.

The Legal function has within its mandate the following areas:

  • Reputation and Litigation Management
  • Company Secretarial work
  • Ensuring Sustainable Business Practices
  • Intellectual Property registration and protection
  • In-house legal advice
  • Managing Investor Relations

Business Services

A career in Business Services could see you contributing to Pakistan Tobacco Company in a whole range of ways, from the general application of Information Technology to specific advice on hardware and software solutions, from the application of telecommunications for voice, data and video to solving complex, strategic business challenges.

While a robust information technology infrastructure is a vital component of a dynamic and world class organisation, our people also have the imagination to create whole new ways of adding value to our business. Business Services includes:

  • Business area management
  • Architecture & service delivery
  • IT Management 
  • Project management

Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain stretches from ‘Crop to Consumer’. The primary objective of the Supply Chain in PTC is to support a significant domestic market delivering quality products while remaining cost competitive and maintaining benchmark status in Environment, Health & Safety.

Management of the supply chain involves the management of procurement of tobacco leaf, processing of raw materials in two factories to produce finished goods and finally transporting the quality products across vast areas of the country to our distributors.

A career in Supply Chain offers variety and responsibility at each stage of procuring tobacco and other raw materials, manufacturing quality products while working in world class factories and distributing the finished products to all parts of the country. Our people are not just dynamic managers, they are able to adapt to a multitude of environments and cultures around the world.

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