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Graduate trainees form an integral part of the talent pipeline at Pakistan Tobacco Company

Each year we select, train and develop some of the brightest and most talented graduates, offering them the opportunity to carve out a successful, international career. The programme extends over approximately two years and is designed to prepare graduates to become our next generation of leaders.

Pakistan Tobacco Company sees graduate trainee recruitment and development as an important part of business strategy, ensuring that the group’s management is equipped with leaders who can plan and build the future of the organisation.


BRING YOUR DIFFERENCE to our Management Trainee Programme

Do you think you have what it takes to succeed with the world's most international tobacco group?

Pakistan Tobacco Company is made up of diverse individuals who are united by a shared belief that people can make their own choices. The Management Trainee Programme is a specially designed programme for independent and motivated thinkers who love learning and taking on new challenges and responsibilities.

You choose the function that best suits your strengths and the Management Trainee Programme will structure your development around a clearly defined set of deliverables. You will gain support and encouragement from three sources; your coach will be your line manager who will work with you to ensure that you are reaching the standards expected of you and getting what you need from the programme. Your mentor will be an experienced manager from another function, sharing the benefit of their experience. Also, there are other management trainees around the world who will form an invaluable network of contacts for you.

We take a constant interest in your progress by conducting regular appraisals and offering the support and resources you need. We firmly believe that you should be in the driving seat. With regular discussions with your coach and mentor, you will be encouraged to take charge of your development and start planning your career at Pakistan Tobacco Company.

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