pakistan tobacco company - Training and development

We recognise that getting the right start is crucial to building a successful career. This is how we approach your early training and career development.

The Management Trainee Programme is structured around the following components:


Is aimed at introducing our corporate guiding principles and culture, the role of each function, industry issues in the country, our product and how it is marketed.

Functional skills

The Management Trainee Programme details the technical aspects of each functional programme. With the support of your coach and mentor, you will set your objectives and work towards achieving them to meet the needs of the business and your personal development objectives.

Managerial skills

These will be enhanced both with on the job experience and with further formal training. You will gain the opportunity to put these skills into practice in preparation for your move into your first managerial role.

Business Awareness

Our goal is to develop future managers for the business, so we expect you to work on issues that relate to our business as a whole. It is likely that you will become involved in cross-functional projects working with different people with different levels of experience.

Performance Appraisal

Your development can only be enhanced through regular performance appraisals. Through this process we can monitor your success in attaining the required standards. Regular feedback allows us to ensure that you are aware of the standards you should aim for and understand how you can work to close any development gaps.

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