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At Pakistan Tobacco Company, you are in control of your own progression

So what happens after the Management Trainee Programme? The reward for those demonstrating the necessary performance and commitment is their first management post in Pakistan Tobacco Company.

The Management Trainee Programme provides a foundation for your functional, managerial skills and business awareness development. Your next step is your opportunity to build on the skills you have gained and to start to fulfil your long-term development aspirations.

You can play an important role in identifying this next step. We will give you as much support, information and encouragement as we can, to help you make the right choice.

The key is to use your initiative. Although the two years of the Management Trainee Programme are programmed to some extent, there is still enormous scope for you to drive your own experiences. You should also tell us where you would like to go next. It is in your interest to work out and communicate your future preferences as early as possible before the end of the Management Trainee Programme.

It is also important to realise that your formal learning opportunities do not stop at the end of the Management Trainee Programme - anything but! Pakistan Tobacco Company’s philosophy of continuing to develop you throughout your career with us means we have a strong commitment to training. As well as functional, managerial skills and business awareness training, we also provide a wealth of open-learning resources, aimed at helping you to learn at your own pace in your own location.

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