pakistan tobacco company - Afforestation


PTC Nursery in F-9 Park, Islamabad

Pakistan Tobacco Company is already widely recognised for its work in afforestation and currently plants four million trees per year.

Considering the fact that only four percent of Pakistan's land mass is covered by forest (ideally it should be at least 20 percent), we have instituted probably the largest private sector afforestation programme in Pakistan.

In order to promote sustainable development, Pakistan Tobacco Company has been at the forefront of afforestation efforts in the country. Under this programme, we have planted over 52 million trees since the project started in 1981. Our agricultural infrastructure is strongest where we work with our growers and therefore our focus on afforestation has been where we have the appropriate resources to support them. However, we are also looking into the possibility of expanding this activity to other parts of Pakistan. To this end, we recently signed an MoU with the National Highway Authority to exclusively plant 600,000 trees along the M-1 motorway between Islamabad and Peshawar, over the course of the next two years.

We have been winning the annual Environmental Excellence Award, awarded by the National Forum for Environment and Health consecutively for some years now, and have continually demonstrated the will and honest endeavour to make a difference to the communities we work with.

In order to create awareness about afforestation efforts and the importance of sustainable development, we also invest in projects aimed at improving civic life. To this end, we have developed two quality parks in Ghourghushti (Attock) and another in Nowshera.

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